Develop, deploy, and distribute with confidence.

Highly available and super fast artifact repositories and container registries that keep your developers, operations teams, and customers happy and productive.

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Docker and Maven repositories for everyone.

Dist is the simplest and most reliable way to securely distribute Docker container images and Maven artifacts across your team, systems, and customers.

For Development

Private Repositories

Securely share artifacts and container images within your team and across your organization.

Develop & deploy
For Distribution

Public & Protected Repositories

Distribute artifacts and container images to your customers and end users.


Native build tool support

Dist works directly with
No plugins required.

Always fast

Our purpose-built edge network ensures optimal performance, wherever your team and customers are.

Cloud native

Dist is fully managed in the cloud. We take care of operations, maintenance, and backups so you can focus on your business.

Role-based access control

Restrict access to repositories by users and groups. Each user can further compartmentalize their own access using access tokens.

Encryption at rest & in transit

All artifacts, container images, and their associated metadata are encrypted at rest and in transit.

Human support

Get answers directly from experienced engineers.

Seamless integration with your existing tools and processes



JetBrains Eclipse Visual Studio Code CLI


Jenkins GitHub GitLab CircleCI


Docker Kubernetes Maven Gradle


Amazon Web Services Microsoft Azure Google Cloud DigitalOcean

Dist speaks native protocols and will work with most tools and processes without need for complex configuration or maintenance.

Pain-free sharing and distribution

Push and pull artifacts and container images with minimum effort. Simplicity and reliability are our primary goals which is why Dist is a fully managed service. Our repositories do what you need without getting in your way and we take care of keeping everything running so you can focus on your business and project goals.


Repositories you can rely on

We apply decades of experience operating high traffic services to provide repositories you can rely on, and when you need assistance get help directly from our experienced engineers. We use a highly available architecture with layers of backups for disaster recovery. All artifacts, container images, and their associated metadata are encrypted at rest and in transit.


Develop and deploy faster with our global network

Use a single global hostname or URL across all of your configurations, powered by our purpose-built edge network. Save time and avoid configuration and replication headaches.

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Secure your workflow with role-based access control

Restrict access to repositories by users and groups. Our simple groups support allows you to easily manage and authorize access for teams. Once authorized, each user can further compartmentalize their own access using access tokens.

Access control

Fine-tune repository access with access tokens

Avoid embedding passwords or cumbersome credential helpers. Access tokens can be revoked at any time and are unique to each user, inheriting their repository roles and associated permissions. Each access token is also scoped, allowing its effective roles and permissions to be further restricted.

Access control

Control distribution with protected repositories

Protected repositories store artifacts intended for distribution to your customers. Access is controlled by read-only distribution keys which are not able to access private repositories, protecting you from accidental exposure of internal assets.

Distribution keys

Repositories for everyone

Every industry

Our customers span a wide variety of industries - Automotive, Big Data, Ecommerce, Finance & Fintech, Health, Video Production, SaaS, as well as IT solutions MSPs.

Every team size

Dist repositories work equally well whether you're a solo founder or a large, distributed development team, for internal usage or to serve millions of end-users.


Join our users already accessing Dist repositories from over 27 countries, from Australia to Zimbabwe, including Singapore, India, South Korea, Japan, Russia, Norway, the UK, France, Germany, and the US.

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Hi, we’re Stephen & Yun.

We believe all developers can benefit hugely from using repositories if they have a good repository manager to use.

Dist strives to be the repository manager that just works. The repository manager you can start pushing to with minimum effort. It should do what you need without requiring hours of configuration or deep thought about trade-offs, whilst still being reliable, secure, and fast.

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