About Us

Dist offers cloud-based artifact repositories that are reliable, secure, private, fast, and most importantly easy to use. Our driving goal with Dist is to optimize for developer and operations happiness so that you can focus on the tasks that are critical to your business. A key part of working towards this goal is our pricing model that aims to encourage usage of Dist and eliminate the need to spend your time optimizing for bandwidth or storage costs.


Stephen Haynes

Stephen has worked at Yahoo!7, AARNet and the University of Wollongong in service engineering & system administration roles. He has spent over two decades understanding and working with programming language and operating system package managers and formats. After dealing with package management he still had some spare time to help build and operate highly available and performant Internet facing services.

Yun Huang Yong

Yun began his career at Yahoo! Australia & NZ as a developer, building and supporting content-driven sites such as News, Sports, Finance, and Australian Idol. Over time his role grew to managing teams responsible for platform engineering, security, and service engineering. Yun has done his time carrying pagers (the old one-way radio ones!) and having worked on prominent high traffic sites, performance, availability and security are always front of mind.