Reliable, secure, private, and fast Maven Repositories

Your Maven artifacts are a critical part of your development and deployment pipelines. Dist is designed to be highly available to match your production needs, and fast to keep your developers happy and productive.

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Native build tool support

Works directly with your Maven compatible build tool (Maven, Gradle, sbt, Leiningen, etc) without the need for plugins.

SNAPSHOT support

Publish and consume SNAPSHOT artifacts directly from your build tool.

Fast artifact upload and download

A purpose built CDN is used for artifact uploads and downloads to optimize for development and deployment speed. No fiddly replication configuration required.

Fully managed and reliable

No software to install and maintain. Hosted on highly available systems.

Role-based access control

Provide an appropriate level of access for users or groups to your Maven repositories.

Access tokens

Generate access tokens that are used by tools to access your Maven repositories. Access tokens can be scoped to a subset of a users permissions or repositories.

Encryption in transit

SSL/TLS encryption in transit is enforced for all website, API and repository access.

Encryption at rest

All Maven artifacts and their associated metadata are encrypted at rest, including those stored on CDN nodes.

Please see the documentation for additional information.

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Why Dist?

Designed for high availability

Eliminate development and deployment pipeline failures due to unreliable artifact repositories.

Dist has been designed to be highly available with built in redundancy and automated recovery wherever possible. We've made Dist to be simple to operate for us in order to maximise reliability for you, our users.

Built for speed

Tired of choosing between regions because your developers are in London, Sydney, and Tokyo but your production systems are in the US? We've got you covered.

Our purpose built CDN is optimised for storage and delivery of software artifacts, delivering maximum performance no matter where your developers or systems are. No knobs to tweak, no choosing which regions you want to replicate to, it's all automatic.

Simple and secure

Simple role-based access control provides the appropriate level of access to your artifact repositories. We provide just enough granularity to allow for least privilege whilst minimising the possibilities for misconfiguration that could result in unwanted exposure. And all data is encrypted at rest and in transit.

We only support private artifact repositories. Be confident that your artifacts won't accidentally become public.

Focus on the stuff that matters

You could DIY. It always sounds simple, maybe even fun. It'll just take an afternoon! A month later you realise you need to apply updates... every month. You go on holidays and the DIY solution fails, breaking your company's deployment pipeline until someone else can engage in engineering heroics to bring it back online. Six months later you learn the hard way that you should have had backups. Oops.

Let us take care of these mundane (but critical!) operations so you can focus on the features that your users care about.

We're here to help

We're Stephen & Yun, and we're passionate about offering you the best artifact repositories possible.

Get answers directly from and provide feedback directly to the team that built Dist. No chat bots. No first line support replies whose primary goal is to meet response time SLAs. Just real answers from real people.